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ICC Model Subcontract

ICC Publication No.: 706 E

ISBN: 978-92-842-0094-8

Language: English

2011 Edition
Sales price 90,00 CHF

International turnkey construction projects are often multifaceted transactions and require complex legal documentation. ICC Model Subcontract is the answer for all those who seek a reliable and balanced standard form to avoid drowning in a flood of papers and documents.

Mainly designed for major turnkey projects, this model is flexible enough to be used as a subcontract to other standard forms of contract as well. Perfect complement to the ICC Model Turnkey Contract for Major Projects, this vital tool for international business transactions completes ICC’s series of successful model contracts. It takes a fair and equitable approach to both contractors and subcontractors. Thus considering the interests of all parties, this model provides for

  • price and scope certainty,
  • swift and effective dispute resolution and
  • complete, informed and responsible allocation of risks.

It further includes:

  • a good faith concept,
  • explanation of the purpose of certain provisions to avoid misinterpretation,
  • where possible, the use of equal and mirrored obligations of the parties.

This form is equally intended for use in public and private contracts (whether tendered or individually negotiated), as a part of the “BOT” project documentation, and in externally financed projects.

The book includes the text of the contract on CDRom.