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We are pleased to invite you, on behalf of our Chairman Thomas Wellauer, to our Annual Assembly 2019.


We take the Centenary Celebrations of the International Chamber of Commerce as an opportunity to discuss the contributions business can bring to humanitarian challenges in conflicts and disasters. In fact, the International Chamber of Commerce has been created at the end of the First World War with the objective „Peace and Prosperity through Trade and Investment“. What does this objective mean today?


Our guest of honour, Mr Yves Daccord, will focus on this cooperation and give us his view on the latest developments. The following discussion with the audience will further explore the business dilemmas and possible contributions in such challenging situations.






Zürich, 5. Juni 2019 

Rahmenabkommen: der Bundesrat solllte die Bremse lösen

 Unser Chairman Thomas Wellauer hat einen Gastkommentar zum Rahmenabkommen verfasst, welches heute in der NZZ erschienen ist.


Aus der Sicht kleinerer und grösserer Unternehmen ist das Rahmenabkommen förderlich, da es Rechtssicherheit schafft und weiterhin einen guten Zugang zu einem ihrer wichtigsten Absatzmärkte, die EU, garantiert. Deshalb steht ICC Switzerland dafür ein, dass der Bundesrat das Rahmenabkommen unterzeichnet, so dass die aufgeworfenen Fragen in der Konsultation mit der EU geklärt werden können und der innenpolitische Prozess weitergeführt werden kann. Dieser beinhaltet immer noch die parlamentarische Prüfung und Beratung als auch eine Volksabstimmung, wobei dieser Prozess erst mit der  Unterzeichnung des Bundesrates weitergeführt werden kann.


Lesen Sie den Artikel zu diesem Thema hier:



Study Tour to the ICC Court of Arbitration

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We are pleased to invite you to this years Study Tour of the Swiss Arbitrators to the ICC Court of Arbitration on Friday 21 June 2019.


At the beginning, the President of the ICC Court, Alexis Mourre, will present the recent development of ICC Dispute Resolution. For the roundtable discussion with the members of the ICC Secretariat you are invited to send questions and issues you would like to discuss with the members of the ICC Secretariat latest until 6 June 2019 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Arbitrators should be able to address practical issues in connection with ICC arbitration procedures and exchange views with members of the Secretariat of the ICC Court during the study tour.


We will continue our cherished tradition to start the Study Tour the day before and to meet also a group of French colleagues who are active in international arbitration for a dinner.






Showcase Member Action at the United Nations

ICC Headquarters is reaching out to seek your support for an exciting ICC initiative ahead of this year’s United Nations’ High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF) – the UN’s central platform to review implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
This year’s HLPF will be held at UN Headquarters in New York from 9 – 18 July 2019.

The HLPF presents an important opportunity for business to showcase its contribution to the implementation of the SDGs and to influence the development of policy frameworks around the 2030 Agenda. To this end, ICC will produce an ICC report detailing business actions, initiatives and recommendations, following on from the success of the ICC Business Action for Sustainable and Resilient Societies report presented at HLPF in 2018.

Call for Case Studies
We are seeking input from members to source compelling case studies of SDG-related initiatives that showcase member action around the specific SDGs under review this year.

ICC Arbitration Conference - Enforcement, Setting Aside and Related Treaty Claims: A View From Europe

The ICC Arbitration Conference hold at La Maison de La Paix in Geneva on 10 May 2019, was the premier event of its kind in Switzerland at which panelists from all over Europe discuessed on recent trends and decisions in relation to the setting aside and enforcement of arbitral awards and the circumstances under which teh violation of the New York Convention could amount to a violation of investment protection standards. This conference also marked the 100th anniversary of the ICC.


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4th ICC Geneva Business Dialogue Roundtable

We were happy to have welcomed business, NGO and state representatives to our 4th Business Dialogue Roundtable at the WTO. Under the topic “Harnessing Business Resources to meet the SDGs” the focus lay on SDG 2,3,12 and 17.


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