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ICC certified Incoterms®2020 Trainers

Name Contact Trainings in Switzerland
Claudia Feusi



Customs and Trade Consultants

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Petra Schnegg-Mann


Foreign Trade Manager

Foreign Trade Consulting & Training

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Thorsten Hohmann

Handelskammer beider Basel

Abteilungsleiter Import & Export

St. Jakob-Strasse 25, 4010 Basel

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Being an ICC Registered Trainer means that the trainer has gone through a rigorous selection process, and that—by passing the ICC Academy exam which tests the trainer’s understanding of the new Incoterms® 2020 rules—he/she has a measurable level of expertise that means those taking part in the training can be assured they are getting the best and ICC recognised advice. Please find the ICC Switzerland recogized trainings and workshops below.



Becoming an Incoterms®2020 Trainer

ICC Registered Trainers on Incoterms® 2020 in Switzerland

Only National Committees and Groups may appoint candidates to receive this qualification. If ICC HQ receives a spontaneous application, they will direct the person to ICC Switzerland. The qualification is valid for use in the country/territory of the National Committee or Group for a period of two years (renewable). Successful candidates will be able to use the qualification of ICC Registered Trainers on Incoterms® 2020” in Switzerland subject to the general conditions described in the Guidelines and the particular conditions agreed upon with the sponsoring NC(s). Their names will be featured on the Incoterms® section of the ICC global website.


How to become an ICC Registered Trainer on Incoterms® 2020 in Switzerland - Process

Candidates interested in becoming an ICC and ICC Switzerland Registered Trainer have to apply to ICC Switzerland via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. To apply the candidate needs to be an ICC Switzerland Gold Member and needs to hand in his CV, certificates, qualifications regarding his knowledge of Incoterms® and other trade tools as well as his teaching experience. The Incoterms® 2020 Certificate (INCO) of the ICC Academy is not mandatory but will serve as evidence of knowledge of the Incoterms® 2020.

ICC Switzerland will then review the documents and if the requirements are met, will identify the candidate as trainer.

The ICC Switzerland Identified Trainer is then eligible to do the ICC Academy examination after having signed an agreement with ICC Switzerland in which he agrees to protect ICC’s trademarks and IP, and will not promote their non-ICC entity trainings in a way that implies sponsorship or endorsement by ICC. This agreement will also state the rights and responsibilities of the trainer.

This exam will test the trainer’s grasp of the new Incoterms® 2020 Rules and the roles and responsibilities of the parties involved in the chain of transport and (where applicable) insurance events all the way from supplier to receiver. It will ask questions rooted in the practice of international trade against the background of the legal text provided by the Incoterms® Rules. Upon successful completion of the exam, the trainer will have demonstrated that they are well-equipped to train and test the practitioners’ use of the correct Incoterms®2020 Rule for the right transaction. To pass the examination the identified trainer will need to have a grade of at least 85%.

After passing the exam the identified trainer will become an ICC Registered Trainer as well as an ICC Switzerland Registered Trainer. The ICC Registered Trainer will be listed with the ICC Academy reference number on the ICC website, the Incoterms® rules app and in the ICC Digital Library. ICC Switzerland will list the Registered Trainer and his courses on the Incoterms® 2020 on the ICC Switzerland homepage. ICC Switzerland will also coordinate with ICC so that the courses of the registered trainer will also be displayed on the ICC website, the Incoterms® rules app and in the ICC Digital Library.

All successful trainers on Incoterms® 2020 can identify themselves as “ICC Registered Trainers on Incoterms® 2020 in Switzerland”.


Please note the following Important Points

    • · The exam will be offered in English only

    • · The terms and conditions for the ICC Academy Incoterms® 2020 Exam for Trainers are separate and different from those of other courses/training/exams offered by individual ICC National Committees or related institutions

    • · Only handwritten/printed resources are allowed. No digital/web resources are allowed (including extra screens (phone, computer), Google Translate or others)

    • · The exam is administered and monitored by third party service Proctor U

    • · Before starting the exam, our proctoring service will ask every candidate to run a simple applet on their device. In case of technical difficulties, the candidate may be requested to download and install an alternative web browser. For information about cybersecurity during the exam, please visit the Security/Privacy section. For a complete overview of the exam process click here. Should you require more details about cybersecurity and data protection, please contact us

    • · Once you have provided ICC Academy with the candidates’ details, you will receive an invoice from our Accounting Department. Onboarding will be processed only after payment is received

    • · Should a candidate be unsuccessful, they can retake the exam at the same initial registration fee. Candidates are permitted a total maximum of 3 attempts. Each attempt has the same price and shall be paid separately

    • · Upon submitting the exam, Candidates will know the outcome in real time but will not be able to review their answers after the exam has been submitted

    • · Once candidates are onboarded, they will need to login into their account and proceed to schedule their own exam slot

    • · The exam booking will incur in an express fee should the candidate decide to take the exam within 72 hours

    • · ICC Academy has a no refund policy

    • · Account calidity is 3 months from onboarding/confirmation date. Candidates will be able to take the exam only within their account validity. We recommend the trainers to sign up for the examination only when they are ready as they have only 3 months to complete the examination


Global Requirements

a) Only trainers identified by ICC Switzerland can apply to ICC to be an ICC Registered Trainer of Incoterms®2020 in Switzerland.
b) All trainers identified by ICC Switzerland must already be certified trainers with classroom experience of teaching Incoterms® and other trade tools.
c) All interested trainers must take an online examination especially developed for this purpose by the ICC Academy. The exam will be available as of 1 August 2019. The exam will be initially available in English only.
d) Anyone wishing to become an ICC Registered Trainer on Incoterms®2020 must receive a pass grade of 85% or more. All successful trainers will receive an ICC Academy certificate with a unique ICC Academy reference number.
e) All successful trainers will be listed as ICC Registered trainers on Incoterms®2020 in Switzerland by order of country with their reference number on a) the ICC website, b) the Incoterms® app and c) in the ICC Digital Library.
f) All successful trainers on Incoterms®2020 can identify themselves “ICC Registered Trainer on Incoterms®2020 in Switzerland”. It is important that the trainer be identified as an “ICC Registered Trainer on Incoterms®2020 in Switzerland ” and not simply as an “ICC Registered Trainer” or “ICC Trainer” because: a) The agreement to teach on Incoterms®2020 in Switzerland will be between the trainer and the NC, not between the trainer and ICC Headquarters and b) we are recognizing the trainer as an ICC Trainer of Incoterms®2020 NOT as an ICC trainer in another subject.
g) The trainer registration number will be valid for 3 years.
h) ICC Registered Trainers must only run courses in Switzerland unless there is a written agreement between the ICC Switzerland as nominating NC and the NC in the country in which the trainer wishes to offer courses.


Swiss Requirements

a) ICC Switzerland will identify their trainers according to an open and fair selective process, as elaborated above, in compliance with the general charter communicated by ICC.
b) All trainers who wish to apply to be an ICC Registered Trainer on Incoterms®2020 must enter into an agreement with ICC Switzerland. ICC Registered Trainers are not allowed to use the “ICC Registered Trainer on Incoterms®2020” label for trainings that are not endorsed by ICC Switzerland.
c) ICC Switzerland is responsible for monitoring the trainer, the quality of their trainings, and their use of ICC’s IP, particularly the logo and Incoterms®2020 text e.g. no photocopies of the rules in trainings; use of the ICC logo with the Incoterms®2020 logo only for ICC Switzerland’s trainings, etc.



Our Members

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