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Kopie von Swiss Arbitration Commission Collage 6


To develop policy recommendations and tools to address major global environmental and energy issues, including climate change and green economy within the framework of sustainable development, and make a substantive contribution to key intergovernmental discussions in these areas.


Priority Projects

  • Make the “business case” for effective implementation of the Paris Agreement – including in relation to key decision items at COP27.


  • Establish a robust sustainability framework for trade transactions capable of being adopted at scale by banks and corporates.*


  • Provide real-economy insights into critical-path international environmental negotiations – including on the Convention on Biological Diversity.


  • Establish principles for the effective and harmonized design of carbon pricing systems.**


  • Support the provision of tools and incentives, in partnership with other organizations and institutions, to make climate action accessible to small businesses.


Swiss Delegates

  • Owen Bethell, Nestlé SA
  • Rob Cameron, Nestlé SA
  • Laura Canas Da Costa, Credit Suisse
  • Lea Klingenberg, economiesuisse 
  • Helen Medina, Nestlé SA
  • Peter Mitchell, JTI


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